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Avril Lavigne Net Worth in 2021: $50 million

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Wondering what is Avril Lavigne’s net worth or how much money is Avril Lavigne making? You’re in the right place! Keep reading!

Avril Lavigne has a Net Worth of $50 Million due to her career as a Canadian singer and songwriter

Avril Lavigne was initially discovered by her first professional manager while she was singing country music in a bookstore in Kingston, Ontario in December 1999.

Her professional manager sent VHS tapes with Avril Lavigne’s performance to various industry specialists and she soon became known.

In November 2000, the Canadian singer signed her first music contract. Avril Lavigne signed a $2 million contract with Arista Records to produce two albums.

In 2002, Avril Lavigne released her album Let Go, which was the biggest pop debut of the year. The album sold 20 million copies world wide and brought Avril Lavigne an income of $25 million.

In 2004, the Canadian singer released a second album entitled Under My Skin and sold more than 14 million copies worldwide. Avril Lavigne earned an income of $14.8 million from the sales. In 2005 she also earned $235.000 from the Bonez Tour 2005: Live at Budokan.

In 2007, she released her third album entitled The Best Damn Thing and sold over 10 million copies worldwide. Avril Lavigne earned an income of $10.5 million from those sales. She also earned $10.000 in 2008 from the The Best Damn Tour: Live in Toronto.

Her success continued and in 2011 Avril Lavigne released her forth album entitled Goodbye Lullaby and sold over 2 million copies worldwide. She earned an income of $2.3 million from the sales.

In 2013, the Canadian singer and songwriter released her fifth album entitled Avril Lavigne and sold over 900.000 copies world wide, earning an income of $1.1 million.

Besides her career as a singer, Avril Lavigne also earned a salary for performing in various television and movie productions like Saturday Night Live, Going the Distance, Fast Food Nation, American Idol, Majors & Minors and others.

Avril Lavigne also has a promising career in the world of fashion design. For example, the Canadian singer released in 2008 a clothing line entitled Abbey Dawn.

Avril Lavinge also earned an income from the release of her two fragrances Black Star and Forbidden Rose, created by Procter & Gamble Prestige Products.

Avril Lavigne Net Worth 2015

In 2015, Avril Lavigne has a net worth of $50 million and an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Regarding her assets, we know for sure that Avril Lavigne owned a $8.5 million mansion in Belair. Besides that, she currently owns a Bentley Continental GTC and a Jeep Wrangler.

So how much is Avril Lavigne worth? All of her hard work took Avril Lavigne Net Worth 2015 to $50 million.

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