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Gordon Ramsay Net Worth in 2021: $140 million

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Gordon Ramsay, or by his full name Gordon James Ramsay, is a Scottish professional chef and television star born in Johnstone, Scotland, U.K. on November 8, 1966.

Gordon Ramsay is bet known for starring in culinary TV shows like Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, The F Word and the American versions of Masterchef JuniorHell’s Kitchen,  MasterChef, Hotel Hell and Kitchen Nightmares.

Gordon Ramsay has a Net Worth of 140 Million due to his high end restaurants and reality TV shows.

In 1998, Gordon Ramsay opened at the Royal Hospital Road his first restaurant. Because of his outstanding cuisine and remarkable quality he became the first Scotsman to win three Michelin stars.

The Scottish professional chef and television star also won a Chef of the Year Award and three Catey Awards. He owns a culinary consultant firm for the Singapore Airlines, numerous catering organizations and he is in partnership with Chris Hutcheson at Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited.

His 69% stake at Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited was valued in 2006 at $109 million.

In 2006 Gordon Ramsay also signed a $13.8 million four year deal, earned $29 million from the profit of his restaurant and after he won the case against the London Evening Standard newspaper he received $122.000.

In 2007 he earned a total income of $7.5 million and in 2008 he got paid $256.000 per episode for his appearance in the American version of Kitchen’s Nightmare and earned $1.6 million from book sales.

In 2011, the Scottish chef an television star earned a total income of $11 million and in 2012 he signed a $1.6 million one year contract with Channel 4 and had  a profit of $2.1 million from the Gordon Ramsay Group.

In 2013 he earned $22 million from media appearances, he was paid with $367.000 per episode and earned a total income of $10 million from his media empire and restaurants.

Gordon Ramsay Net Worth 2015

In 2015, Gordon Ramsay has a net worth of $140 million, an yearly income of $60 million, a $225.000 salary per episode and an income of $45 million from his media empire and restaurant franchise.

Regarding his estates and homes, Gordon Ramsay owns an impressive residence in London and a mansion in Los Angeles. The mansion from Los Angeles was designed by the famous architect Ken Ungar and it was built in 2003. The residence features a swimming pool, six bathrooms, five bedrooms and of course, a state-of-the-art luxury kitchen.

Regarding his car collection, the Scottish professional chef and television star owns 15 Ferrari cars with models like LaFerrari, 550 Maranello, F430, 458 Italia and F12 Berlinetta in his garage.

So how much is Gordon Ramsay worth? All of his hard work took Gordon Ramsay Net Worth 2015 to 125 Million.

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