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Carlos Slim Helu

Carlos Slim Helu Net Worth in 2021: $77.1 billion

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Carlos Slim Helu has a Net Worth of $77.1 Billion due to his successful career as business magnate and investor

Carlos Slim Helu is the richest man in Mexico and the second richest billionaire in the world, after Bill Gates and ahead of Warren Buffet.

The Mexican business magnate currently owns more than 200 organizations and companies in Mexico. Because most of Mexico’s daily life and economy is controlled by this successful business name, the country received the nickname ” Slimlandia “.

” The reach of his dominion is so large that the average Mexican will wake up on sheets bought from a Slim-owned store; buy their morning bread from a Slim-owned bakery; and drive to work in a Slim-insured car … ” said The Telegraph.

Carlos Slim Helu was familiar with the world of finance and investments, since he was a young boy. His father was a successful real estate agent and retail investor. When his father died in 1953, Carlos Slim Helu inherited all of his business.

The Mexican business magnate and investor started his first company Inversora Bursatil in the 1960s. Nowadays, most of Carlos Slim Helu’s net worth and income comes from the telecommunications giant Telmex and conglomerate Grupo Carso.

But that is not all, because the Mexican business magnate and investor acquired his current net worth from numerous other business ventures.

For example, in June 2014, Carlos Slim Helu bought a 8.3% stake ( $5.6 billion ) in America Movil and now he owns  62% of the company, probably his current biggest asset.

The Mexican business magnate also owns a real estate company called Innmeubles Carso, a financial venture called Grupo Financiero Inbursa and an operating and infrastructure development company called Ideal.

As of January 2015, Carlos Slim Helu also owns a 17% stake of New York Times, becoming the largest shareholder of the famous American newspaper.

Carlos Slim Helu Net Worth 2015

In 2015, Carlos Slim Helu has a net worth of $77.1 billion and he is the wealthiest billionaire in Mexico.

Regarding his estates and homes, we can say that Carlos Slim Helu currently owns the Duke Semans mansion from New York.

The Mexican business magnate and investor bought the mansion on The Fifth Avenue at the price of $44 million and he currently keeps it as an investment, not as a residence.

Although, Carlos Slim Helu is the second richest man in the world, his residence is a modest 6-bedroom home in the “Lomas de Chapultepec”.

Regarding his car collection, the successful Mexican investor owns a Bentley Continental Flying Spur ( $300.000 ), a Chevrolet Suburban and a navy military style Mercedes 4×4 in his garage.

Carlos Slim Helu also owns a vast collection of Renaissance sculptures, Auguste Rodin’s works and wine glasses. The Mexican business magnate also owns a museum with 60,000 works of art.

Besides, all of his assets, including a private yacht, Carlos Slim Helu is also known for his charity work.

Although he does not agree with the Giving Pledge of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the Mexican investor established three charitable foundations by now : Fundación Carlos Slim Helú, Fundación Telmex and Fundación del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México A.C.

So how much is Carlos Slim Helu worth? All of his hard work took Carlos Slim Helu Net Worth 2015 to $77.1 Billion

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