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Dan Bilzerian Net Worth in 2021: $150 million

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Dan Bilzerian, or by his full name Dan Brandon Bilzerian, was born in Tampa, Florida, USA on December 7 1980.

He is an American professional poker player, social media celebrity and actor. In 2000, Dan Bilzerian entered the Navy SEAL training program, but he didn’t graduate.

After that, Dan Bilzerian attended the University of Florida with a major in Criminology and Business.

Dan Bilzerian has a Net Worth of $150 Million from trust funds, poker tournaments and his  acting career.

In 2009 Dan Bilzerian appeared on six episodes of  World Series of Poker Main Event. There, the professional poker player won $36.626 and finished on the 180th place.

Dan Bilzerian also won, one time,  in a single game with no-limit hold-em a number of $10.8 Million.

In 2010, he was voted on Twitter by Bluff Magazine as one of the funniest poker players.

He raced on March 9 2011 for a wager of $385.000 with the Supreme Court Litigator Tom Goldstein at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and won the race.

Some people argue the fact that Dan Bilzerian made all of his money from poker tournaments and most of his net worth comes from trust funds and offshore assets.

Some people also say that Dan Bilzerian is using the poker tournaments to launder the millions of dollars stolen by his father during the 80s.

Although, Dan Bilzderian is considered to be a professional poker player, after some research, we see that his name is not even listen in the List of World Series of Poker Main Event champions.

When asked about the subject Dan Bilzerian and his money the poker player Jonathan Grotenstein stated ” Does he have $100m? No, I don’t think he has access to that kind of money. He plays poker at really, really high stakes, but he’s not playing in the top games with guys like Tom Dwan, or going to Macau, where million-dollar pots are won and lost all the time. I think Dan is more about using poker as part of an image that he’s trying to create, and I think there are a lot of people out there who will lend him a private jet, or let him test drive a ridiculous car. ”

We don’t no for sure if Dan Bilzerian really inherit his millions from his father or he made his money from hard work.

Dan Bilzerian also earns some money from movies or other business ventures. In 2013, Dan Bilzerian performed as a stuntman for the movie Olympus Has Fallen and in the movie Lone Survivor as Sr. Chief Healy.

In the movie Lone Survivor, Dan Bilzerian had just one line and appeared only for one minute, although he paid the amount of $1 Million for 80 words of dialogue and eight minutes of screen time.

In 2014 Dan Bilzerian appeared in several movies like The Equalizer, Cat Run 2 and The Other Woman.

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth 2015

Dan Bilzerian has a net worth of $150 Million in 2015, with an yearly income of $40 Million.

Dan Bilzerian signed with the online casino company bgo to appear on their TV advertising campaign with Verne Troyer.

This American professional poker player, social media celebrity and actor owns a spectacular cars collection. The collection includes models like a Corvette ZR1, a Porsche Carrera GT, a Ferrari collection, a G63 AMG 6×6, an AC Cobra and many more.

On June 2015, the American professional poker player announced that he will run for the President of the United States 2016 election.

Dan Bilzerian will also perform in 2016 in the Bruce Willis movie called Extraction.

So how much is Dan Bilzerian worth? All of his hard work took Dan Bilzerian’s Net Worth from 2015 to $150 Million.

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