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Daniel Craig Net Worth in 2021: $95 million

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Daniel Craig, or by his full name Daniel Wroughton Craig, is an English actor born in Chester, Cheshire, England on March 2, 1968.

Daniel Craig has a Net Worth of 95 Million due to his acting career and endorsements.

Daniel Craig starred in numerous successful movies like Infamous, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Defiance, Cowboys & Aliens, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Skyfall and many more.

During his career the English actor was also featured on the cover of Esquire in August 2011, on the cover of Vanity Fair in February 2012 and on the cover of Esquire Colombia in November 2012.

Daniel Craig earned for his voice role in the game GoldenEye 007 an income of $126.000 and for his voice role in the game James Bond 007: Blood Stone an income of $138.000.

Also, Daniel Craig got paid $162.000 for his role as Bubbles in the short movie The Organ Grinder’s Monkey, $216.000 for his role as Jake Lonergan in the movie Cowboys and Aliens, $284.000 for his role as Will Atenton in the movie Dream House, $349,650 for his role in One Life and $6 million for his role as Mikael Blomkvist for the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Daniel Craig earned $3.2 million in 2006 for his role as James Bond in the movie Casino Royale, got paid $7.2 million for his role as James Bond in Quantum of Solace and earned a $17 million income from the movie Skyfall. Daniel Craig also signed a $47 million contract to star in the next two James Bond movies ( Spectre and James Bond 25 ).

Daniel Craig had a net worth in 2012 of $37.1 million, in 2013 he had a net worth of $52 million and in 2014 Daniel Craig had a net worth of $56.6 million.

Daniel Craig Net Worth 2015

Daniel Craig in 2015 has a net worth of $95 million, an estimated yearly income of $27 million, an estimated yearly income for 2016 of $47 million and an average income per sponsorship/endorsement of $7.4 million.

In 2015, Daniel Craig will appear in the new James Bond movie, Spectre, alongside Monica BellucciLea Seidoux and Dave Bautista.

Regarding his assets and his estates and homes, Daniel Craig owns a remarkable $11.5 million New York apartment located at 20 Greene Street of SoHo area of Manhattan. The residence features three bathrooms and three bedrooms with a living area of 4,350 square feet and a 2,000 square feet of free outdoor space.

Daniel Craig also owns an impressive cars collection with models like Lexus Rx 350, Audi S6 and Aston Martin Vantage Roadster on the list.

Daniel Craig bought the Aston Martin Vantage Roadster at the price of $223.000 for his 45th birthday.

Besides his estate and cars collection, Daniel Craig also has a list of favorite gadgets like the Apple Ipad and the Blackberry Bold 9700, and favorite list of luxury items and brands like the Rolex Daytona and the Nike Toki ND Men’s Shoes.

The English actor is also known for his charity work for foundations like Dorset Wildlife Trust ( protects the natural reserves and endangered wildlife of Dorset ), Epilepsy action ( offers information, support, and advice for people suffering with Epilepsy ), Artists for Peace and Justice foundation and Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

So how much is Daniel Craig worth? All of his hard work took Daniel Craig Net Worth 2015 to 95 Million.

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