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Dave Bautista Net Worth in 2021: $13 million

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Dave Bautista, or by his full name David Michael Bautista Jr., was born in Washington, D.C. on January 18, 1969.

Dave Bautista is an American professional wrestler, mixed martial artist and actor who won the WWE Championship,  World Heavyweight Championship and starred in numerous successful movies.

Dave Bautista has a Net Worth of 13 Million due to his professional wrestling and acting career.

Dave Bautista is a famous world wide known professional wrestler and mixed martial artist win numerous accomplishments and championships won during his career.

Dave Bautista won one OVW Heavyweight Championship, four World Heavyweight Championships, two WWE Championship, two Royal Rumbles and three World Tag Team Championship.

Dave Bautista was named the Most Improved Wrestler of the Year and Wrestler of the year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 2005.

He signed with Classic Entertainment & Sports in August 2012 to participate in in mixed martial arts fights and on October 6, 2012 Dave Bautista won his MMA debut, representing the Philippines.

Most of Dave Bautista’s net worth in 2015 is due to his high earnings from the movie The Man With The Iron Fists where he had an income of $631,313, from the movie The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption where Dave Bautista earned an income of $692,905, the movie Riddick where he earned an income of $811,688 and the WWE 2k14 with an income of $1 million.

Also, Dave Bautista earned an income of $1.4 million from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy where he played the role of Drax. Only from these five movies, Dave Bautista scored a total earning of almost $5 million.

Dave Bautista starred in numerous other movies like Relative Strangers, My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?, Wrong Side of Town and House of the Rising Sun.

Dave Bautista’s net worth in 2012 was of $9 million and had an yearly income between 2011-2012 of $635,930, in 2013 Dave Bautista had a net worth of $10 million and an yearly income between 2012-2013 of $784,314 and in 2014 he had a net worth of $11.83 million and an yearly income between 2013-2014 of $1 million.

Dave Bautista Net Worth 2015

Dave Bautista net worth in 2015 is of $13 million due to his wrestling and MMA tournaments, acting roles and bodybulding contests.

Dave Bautista has an yearly income for 2015 of over $1 million, an expected yearly income for 2016 of $1.8 million and an average income per endorsement/sponsorship of $350.000.

Regarding his acting career from 2015, Dave Bautista appeared in the movie L.A. Slasher and earned income of $1.7 million.

The American actor  and former professional wrestler will appear in the new 24th James Bond movie called Spectre alogside Monica Bellucci, Daniel Craig and Lea Seydoux.

Dave Bautista will also appear between 2015-2016 in the movies Kickboxer: Vengeance and Warrior’s Gate.

So how much is Dave Bautista worth? All of his hard work took Dave Bautista Net Worth 2015 to $13 Million.

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