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Gabriel Macht Net Worth in 2021: $3 million

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Gabriel Macht, or Gabriel S. Macht, is an American actor best known for his role as Harvey Specter on the USA Network series ‘Suits’.

Born in The Bronx, New York, on January 22, 1972, Gabriel Macht was raised in California from the age of 5.

After high school, he attended ‘Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts’, becoming a member of ‘Delta Upsilon‘ fraternity and graduating in 1994.

Gabriel Macht played his first role  as Gabriel Swann at the age of 8 in the film ‘Why Would I Lie?’, receiving a nomination for the ‘Best Young Motion Picture Actor Award’.

He appeared in several films and TV series, including ‘A Love Song for Bobby Long’, ‘Because I Said So’, ‘The Recruit’ and ‘Archangel’.

In 2001, Gabriel made a appearance in ‘Behind Enemy Lines’, spending a week at sea filming on the corridors, hangar bay and on the flight deck of the ‘USS Carl Vinson’.

In 2008, Gabriel Macht portrayed the title role in Frank Miller’s adaptation of Will Eisner’s comic ‘The Spirit’.

Gabriel Macht has a net worth of $3 million due to his acting jobs.

In 2011 it was announced that Gabriel will play in the new USA Network drama ‘Suits’, originally known as ‘A Legal Mind’. The show has been a great success for the actor.

Gabriel Macht Net Worth 2016

So how much is Gabriel Macht worth? All his hard work took Gabriel Macht Net Worth 2016 to $3 million.

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