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Maria Sharapova Net Worth in 2021: $195 million

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Maria Sharapova, or by her full name Maria Yuryevna Sharapova, was born in Nyagan, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union on April 19, 1987.

She became a United States resident in 1994 and she is currently living in Bradenton, Florida.

Maria Sharapova is placed as number 2 female tennis player in the world by the Women’s Tennis Association and she was ranked number 1 in singles on five occasions.

She earned the silver medal in the women’s singles for Russia in at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

The parents of Maria Sharapova, Yelana and Yuri were born in  Gomel,Belarussian SSR but they moved to Nyagan due to the effects of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident.

Maria Sharapova at the age of 4 began to practice the game of tennis and she took her first tennis lessons from Yuri Yutkin, a veteran Russian coach.

Maria Sharapova has a Net Worth of $195 Million due to her tennis career and endorsements.

Maria Sharapova began her professional tennis career at the age of 14. In 2003 she won her first WTA tournament at the AIG Japan Open.

In the following year, Maria Sharapova won the singles titles from Wimbledon, becoming the first woman Wimbledon champion from Russia.

At the end of 2004, she also won the WTA Championship. In 2006 she became number 4 in the world female player and won the U.S Open.

In Juna 2012, Maria Sharapova became the 10th woman to complete a career Grand Slam, after she defeated Sara Errani in the French Open.

In June 2014, Sharapova won again the French Open title after she defeated the Romanian tennis player Simona Halep.

Also, in 2014, Maria Sharapova played at the Australian Open, Indian Wells Masters, Stuttgart Open, Madrid Open, Rome Open, French Open, Wimbledon Championships, Rogers Cup – Montreal, Western & Southern Open, US Open and Wuhan Open.

In 2014 Maria Sharapova earned $22 million from endorsements and $2 million from winnings and salary. In 2013 she won $70 million from the endorsement with the Nike company, $23 million from endorsements with Porsche, the Watch makers, Switzerland company Tag Heuer, Nike, Head, and Cole Haan, $7 million from salary and $27 million from prize money.

Maria Sharapova Net Worth 2015

In 2015 Maria Sharapova earned $23 million from numerous endorsements and $7 million from winnings and salary.

Most Maria Sharapova’s net worth is due to the sponsorships with brands like Motorola, Porsche, the Watch makers, Switzerland company Tag Heuer, Canon, Land Rover, Nike, Head, Motorola, Gatorade, Fred Perry, Lacoste and many more.

So how much is Maria Sharapova worth? All of her hard work took Maria Sharapova Net Worth 2015 to $195 million.

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