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Vladimir Putin Net Worth in 2021: $70 billion

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Vladimir Putin, or by his full name Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, was born in Leningrad, Russia on October 7 1952 and he is the President of Russia since 7 May 2012.

Vladimir Putin was, for a period of 16 years, an officer in the KGB but he retired in 1991 and entered politics.

From 1999 to 2000 he was the Prime Minister of Russia and from 2000 to 2008 he was the President of Russia.

Vladimir Putin has a Net Worth of 70 Billion due to his gas and oil investments and political career.

In 7 May 2000 Vladimir Putin became the President of Russia and on 14 March 2004, he was elected for the second time for the presidency of Russia.

In 2007, Vladimir Putin was named Person of the Year by Time Magazine. In the same year Vladimir Putin received the King Abdul Aziz Award from the Saudi King Abdullah and the Order of Zayed from the UAE President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Vladimir Putin also received in  2011 the Confucius Peace Prize from the China International Peace Research Center.

Vladimir Putin had between 2011-2012 an income of almost $4.5 Billion and a net worth of $40 Billion, between 2012-2013 an income of almost $5.5 Billion with a net worth of $56 Billion, between 2013-2014 an income of $7.1 Billion and a net worth of $60.8 Billion and between 2014-2015 Vladimir Putin had an income of $8.2 Billion with a net worth of $70 Billion.

Vladimir Putin Net Worth 2015

Vladimir Putin has a net worth of $70 Billion in 2015 with an yearly income of $8.2 Billion and an expected income for 2016 of $10 Billion.

The Russian investor and politician has a fleet of 58 aircrafts at his disposal. The aircraft includes two Dassault Falcon executive jets, 15 helicopters, an airbus and  43 other aircrafts.

Vladimir Putin also owns a Ilyushin Il-96 plane which features a $18 Million cabin and a $75.000 toilet.

The Russian politician also owns four yachts. One of his yachts was a gift from no one other than Roman Abramovich, the Russian billionaire.

Besides that, Vladimir Putin also owns a 53.7-metre yacht that features a wine cellar, waterfall and a pool and a five-decked yacht with a maple wood colonnade, a jacuzzi, and a barbecue pit.

Vladimir Putin has at his disposal a number of 700 cars. The list includes models like Mercedes G-Class, Mercedes Benz S-Class stretch limousine, standard S-Class, Mercedes E-Class, Volkswagen Caravelle and BMW 5-Series.

The Russian politician and investor also owns over 20 properties and estates around Russia. One of them is called the Italianate palace and has a price tag of $1 Billion and a long list of luxury features like a casino, an underground tunnel to the sea, an amphitheater and several helipads.

The luxurious residence measures 8 million square feet and it is located on the Black Sea coast in Russia.

The maintenance of Vladimir Putin’s cars, residences, aircrafts and yachts costs over $2.5 Billion per year, said Boris Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister.

So how much is Vladimir Putin worth? All of his hard work took Vladimir Putin Net Worth 2015 to $70 billion.

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