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Wayne Rooney Net Worth in 2021: $125 million

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Wayne Rooney, or by his full name Wayne Mark Rooney, is an English professional football player born on October 24, 1985 in Croxteth, Liverpool, England.

Currently, Wayne Rooney is a striker for Manchester United. The English professional football player won the England Player of the Year ( 2008/2009) and he was awarded by BBC Sports Award with the Young Personality Award in 2002.

Wayne Rooney has a Net Worth of 125 Million due to his professional football career and endorsements.

Most of Wayne Rooney’s net worth comes from salary and endorsement contracts. In 2006 the professional football player earned $24.3 million and in 2011 he earned an income of $28.3

The English football player earned from endorsement contracts in 2012 an income of $6.5 million and a salary of $17.8 million.  The following year Wayne Rooney earned almost $40 million from salary and another $3 million from endorsement contracts with brands like Harper Collins, Ford, Coca Cola, Nike and Nokia.

As of June 2014, the English professional football player earned $7 million from endorsement contracts and another $19 million from salary.

In 2014, Wayne Rooney signed a four-year contract extension with Manchester United. The contract extension is worth $104 million ( $26 million per year / £300,000 per week ).

Wayne Rooney Net Worth 2015

In 2015 Wayne Rooney has a net worth of $125 million and an yearly income of $26.7 million ( $7 million from endorsement contracts and $19.9 million from salary ).

Although the English football player isn’t an endorsement star, he currently holds endorsement contracts with Harper Collins, Nike, Ford, Samsung, Coca Cola, EA Sports and Nokia. The endorsement contract with Nike is currently the most lucrative endorsement deal of the English football player.

Regarding his residences, the English football player owns a mansion in Prestbury, Chesire, England, an $8.4 million villa in Barbados and a $530.000 apartment in Florida. The mansion from Chesire, England is worth $17.83 million and features en-suite bedrooms, a large pool with jacuzzi and even a game room.

The English football player also owns an impressive car collection. The garage of Wayne Rooney features a Bentley Continental GTC ( $195.000 ), a Range Rover Overfinch ( $200.000 ), a brick red Audi RS6 ( $125.000 ), a silver gray Aston Martin Vanquish ( $250.000 ), a Cadillac Escalade, a black BMW X5, a Mini Cooper and a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Wayne Rooney also owns three racehorses and loves to spend his vacations in Los Angeles, Dubai, Barbados and Las Vegas.

Regarding his charity work, the English football player is the ambassador of  SOS children’s Village in U.K.. The SOS children’s Village organization helps the children who lost their parents or are abandoned.

So how much is Wayne Rooney worth? All of his hard work took Wayne Rooney Net Worth 2015 to 125 Million.

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